This is what we know about the new Realme stick with Google TV

Realme is warming up to bring the official launch of its first multimedia entertainment device for televisions. The company has just offered a preview of what will be the new 4K Smart Google TV Stick, which is scheduled to launch on October 13.

It is the first alternative to Google Chromecasts with Google TV. Until now, Google TV, the evolved multimedia entertainment experience of Android TV, is available both in the new version of Google’s Chromecast and integrated into some models of Sony and TCL televisions.

Google TV begins to expand thanks to Realme

With the launch of the new 4K Smart Google TV Stick, this becomes a new alternative to have Google TV on televisions (and monitors with HDMI), where it will also allow the leap of Google TV in the Indian market, in which until now it was not available.

Point out that devicesEven recently launched, such as the new Fire Stick 4K from Amazon, they continue to bet on the Android TV experience instead of Google TV, there being no updates that allow the leap to the new multimedia experience for televisions.

But in addition to being the first alternative stick with Google TV For televisions, the new 4K Smart Google TV Stick will also stand out for bringing support for HDMI 2.1 ports, for the HDR10 + standard, and for supporting reproductions at a maximum resolution of 4K at 60 fps.

As expected, it will also be compatible with the Google Assistant, with all that this entails from managing media to playing to controlling connected devices. It will also bring full compatibility with Netflix and Prime Video, the two most popular video on demand platforms of the moment, as well as allowing the installation of many other applications.

Interestingly, in the micro-website There is no reference to a remote control, which may make us think that the management could be carried out from the mobiles themselves, and as there is one less physical element, it may even allow it to be cheaper.

We will leave doubts on Wednesday of next week.

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