YouTube will demonetize millions of videos

Google wants to put an end to fake news on the climate and attack their economy.

Google announced this week that it will take action to fight disinformation on its YouTube video hosting platform. The group has indeed decided to no longer broadcast ads for creators. YouTube who criticize or question global warming.

In its statement, Google explains that it wants to launch new rules regarding its monetization policy. “Content that contradicts the well-established scientific consensus on the existence and causes of climate change” will no longer be monetized by the platform. “This includes content that refers to climate change as a hoax or scam, claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or activity people contribute to climate change ”, continue Google.

Automatic and manual checks

In order to make this new policy as reliable as possible, Google has announced that it wants to use a mix of automatic viewing of videos and human reviews, as is already the case today for videos demonetized for other subjects.

In total, millions of videos could be affected by this policy change on the part of Google. Climate skeptics have made the video platform one of their favorite rallying point with social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp, which are also major vectors for disseminating false information.

Google for its part seems to want to multiply its positions against disinformation. In fact, last week the Alphabet group, owner of the search engine and the video platform, announced that it wanted to end the monetization of videos that criticize the vaccine. With climate skeptics, antivax videos are the two main subjects of disinformation on the platform in recent days, assures Google which intends to fight this harmful content, which gives a biased overview of a scientific reality.

Google toughens the tone ahead of COP26

In addition to these ads made on the YouTube videos themselves, Google has also announced that ads criticizing clastic warming and its scientific veracity will be removed from the platform “creators not wanting these ads to pass in front of their videos” in the words of the firm in its press release.

As a reminder, Google is already reducing the monetization of videos that talk about subjects such as tragic events (attacks, natural disasters, etc.), but also videos on firearms.

This new announcement made by Google comes a few weeks before COP26, the major global climate conference to be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

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