Bank: how to earn 130 euros in 8 min (free, zero risk)?

Between Friday 8 and 11 October 2021, you have the opportunity to earn 130 euros in a very easy way. All you have to do is open an account with Boursorama Banque: it is free, without conditions and without obligation. You risk absolutely nothing. Apart from a nice bonus.

What if for once you were the big winner against a bank? This is precisely what Boursorama is offering this weekend between Friday 8 and Monday 11 October 2021. The largest online bank in France is progressing its operation Pink Week-end which pays 130 euros for the very first opening of an account. You have everything to gain, we will explain everything to you in detail.

To earn these 130 euros, you will need enter the code PW130 here :

I’m enjoying the Pink Weekend

In order to get this ultra-generous bonus, you will just have to open a first account with Boursorama. It will take you less than 10 minutes to do this. Luckily, this account is free, unconditional and without obligation. You therefore do not need to prove income or domiciliate funds: you can keep your current account in parallel without this costing you anything at Boursorama Banque.

How to get the full bonus of 130 €?

Boursorama Banque is the only online bank that does not impose any conditions for opening an account (apart from not being registered by the Banque de France). She does not ask you to justify a minimum regular income or to make her account a main account. It can all happen over time – or never.

In detail, this bonus for the Pink Weekend is divided into two distinct parts. First, you will receive a bonus of 50 euros for activating the bank account. You must first complete the registration form and validate the account. In a few minutes for this weekend, you will have completed this first part. Note that this current account is free.

Once the account is validated, you will then have to order your Ultim bank card to receive the last 80 euros. This is also free. This is the name of the Boursorama Banque card which is equivalent to a Mastercard Gold or a Visa Premier. Except that in this online banking, it will not cost you anything. Once again, it is the only establishment in France to offer such a card without charge and without conditions.

I want € 130 bonus

When you have completed these two steps, you will have received the entire 130 euros. Again, it won’t take you a long time. And unlike the (rare) other banks that offer a welcome bonus, Boursorama does not impose anything on you. You are always free and it’s free. We couldn’t ask for more for the end of the year.

This offer is logically limited in time: you have until Monday evening (October 11) to take advantage of it. But be careful, we still advise you to do it as soon as possible to be sure to complete the form correctly. This can be done on a computer as well as on a mobile device. Voted best “digital bank” in Europe (by D-Rating), Boursorama allows you to manage everything on a smartphone or tablet – including registration.

Boursorama Banque, an exemplary bank

Over the past few years, Boursorama Banque has taken a serious hit on the accelerator. Online banking is 3 times the size of its first rival ING (which has stagnated around one million customers for 5 years). It has developed its offer to meet all profiles. For the past few months, its basic Ultim formula has been free and unconditional. It also makes it possible to attract more and more customers to boost its growth.

While it has passed 3 million customers, Boursorama Banque does not intend to stop there. It wants to catch up with the traditional banks by 2025. To do this, it has put everything in place to offer a much more convincing offer than the latter: it is also complete, its customer service is also efficient but it is much less expensive.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition – Welcome and Ultim cards

Annual fees: € 0 • Initial deposit: € 300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currency: 1.69% • Payments in foreign currency: Free

Proposed cards

Mobile payment



Without counting the bonus of 130 euros that you can receive during this Pink Weekend, Boursorama Banque has already been the cheapest bank in France for 13 years (Le Monde / Best Bank ranking). Last year again, 55% of all its customers did not have any fees. If you have standard day-to-day banking use, this online banking will cost you nothing.

Unlike neo-banks like N26 or Revolut, Boursorama Banque is much more complete. It is already cheaper internationally (and without limit), but above all it gives access to stock market products, savings, loans or even insurance. It’s like opening an account in a classic network bank. Except that everything is managed online – and the interfaces are really high quality.

We can only invite you to hurry to take advantage of this Boursorama Banque Pink Week-end. Having the chance to get 130 euros for this opening of a current account (which is free and unconditional) is really an opportunity not to be missed. You are a winner at all levels. Whether you are convinced by online banking or need to convince yourself of it, this is a great choice to make.

The online bank terminates its offer in the coming hours. The few rare Pink Weekend operations that are organized during the year always end after 4 days. Once again, Boursorama Banque is no exception. This is the best deal we have seen in the last few years, so you shouldn’t miss it. Monday night will definitely be too late.

Remember to validate the code PW130 and to unlock it, it’s here:

I’m enjoying the Pink Weekend

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