Online editors to create videos from scratch for social networks

If you are considering creating videos to share on social media and don’t know where to start, you can consider these options.

They are video editors that allow you to create content from scratch using templates and different functions to make your task easier.

This video editor with more than 5000 predefined templates with effects and transitions so you can create interesting videos without getting too complicated. Of course, you can always customize it to suit your style and content.

If you take a tour of the platform you will see that it has different categories, taking into account the main social platforms. Although it has different plans, you can create a free personal account.

This video editor also offers templates to help you create your video. You will find video templates for social networks, advertising, collage, professionals, among other options. In addition, you can use its images, audio and video files to integrate into your content.

And of course, it has multiple functions for you to add text, watermark, you can combine content, among other possibilities. You will see that it has different plans, but it gives you the possibility of having a free account, although with a series of limitations.

If you are looking for a free online editor with more advanced functions, you can consider Wevideo.

It combines a series of options for you to personalize your video, functions such as the green screen, tools to record the screen, pre-designed templates, among others. It will serve you both to create videos for social networks and for work videos. You can try its features for free, but keep in mind that most of the features we mentioned will not be available.

And of course, these aren’t the only feature-rich editor options you’ll find on the web. We have already mentioned Kamua, Flexclip, Type Studio, among other online video editors.

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