solar energy to power connected watches?

Autonomy is one of the essential elements of a connected watch. It must last at least a day, because who would want to charge a watch every afternoon to last until the evening? Manufacturers invest a lot to keep the small batteries in their products as long as possible.

By using software tricks, some connected watches can be used for several days without the battery crying out for famine… But it is then necessary to limit oneself to basic functions. And these products are doing much more today than a few years ago: GPS, continuous health measurements, ever larger and brighter screens …

The sun to the rescue of our wrists

In fact, the autonomy of connected watches has not seen a real increase, it is even often the opposite that occurs. The Galaxy Watch 4 is thus satisfied with an operation of 24 to 48 hours before a compulsory recharge. But for the smartwatchs from Samsung, things could change if the manufacturer took advantage of one of its new patents.

Samsung is working on a watch that can be recharged with solar energy. In the field of watches, connected or not, solar is nothing new, several manufacturers such as Casio or Garmin have demonstrated the feasibility of this technology. Samsung imagined photovoltaic cells in the product’s bracelet, which take the form of a honeycomb structure invisible to the naked eye.

The patent explains that with two cells placed on either side of the case, the amount of solar energy would be sufficient to power the watch battery. Better still, it would only take a few hours of sunshine for it to function normally. Until we see this technology appear on a future Galaxy Watch 5, there is still an important step although the patent is very detailed. We will have to watch for rumors by next summer, Samsung to unveil a new range of connected watches.

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