the iconic plug-in hybrid station wagon, reimagined

The first units of the new Volkswagen Multivan T7, the first vehicle entirely produced in this factory based on the MQB platform with plug-in hybrid motor.

The Multivan It will debut with two turbo petrol engines (100k / 136hp and 150kW / 204hp) in early 2022, followed by a 110kW / 150hp turbodiesel.

An automated and connected factory to keep up with rivals

Floor 1

Starting in 2022, three vehicles will be manufactured simultaneously in Hannover on three platforms and with three powertrain variants: the T6.1, the new Multivan and el ID. BUZZ fully electric.

This plant, which is being modernized to increase its production capacity, will also host the expected ID. BUZZ next year. In Hannover, the focus has been on automation and digitization, and the degree of automation in the manufacture of the new Multivan is around 93%.

This means that Volkswagen will increase its production capacity with less labor: self-driving transport vehicles at the factory bring parts directly from warehouses to assembly lines.

In the future, the T6.1, Multivan, ID. BUZZ and ID. BUZZ Cargo will all be manufactured on just two main lines. This movement seeks to keep up with competitors like Tesla, which continue to set production records as they introduce new assembly techniques.

New Multivan

The new Multivan is larger than the model it replaces and will be available in two sizes, one 4.97 m long and the other 5.17 m.

The design of its dashboard is inspired by the rest of the Volkswagen range, such as the Golf 8, with a large 10-inch touch screen for the infotainment system and which is linked to the digital instrument panel (10.25 inches).

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