WiFi 7, definition, advantages and news

Since its appearance, 5G has been seen as the next great leap in telecommunications in these coming years, with projects that have been carried out to make connections possible under this technology.

However, when it comes to WiFi standards, efforts have been underway to take these to new heights with the implementation of the WiFi 7, which it is thought could become the best choice for home and public networks.

Although it won’t be until 2024 When WiFi 7 makes its debut, the Intel company has already revealed all the benefits that the implementation of this standard will bring. The first thing to know is that the official name that this standard will receive will be, which has characteristics that would four times faster than WiFi 6.

Regarding the capabilities that the WiFi 7 would have, Intel points out that thanks to this standard, the 30 GBPS connections, while its theoretical speed would be 48 GBPS, that is, almost 5 times the theoretical speed of the WiFi 6E, which is 9.6 GBPS.

It is incredible to think of implementing a connection of this speed within a home network. However, this attribute is not the only advantage to be gained with WiFi 7.

In this sense, this standard may be used in broadcast channels 2.4, 5 y 6 GHz; all this simultaneously. In this way WiFi 7 will be able to choose automatically the most appropriate channel based on the characteristics of the equipment to be connected.

Added to this, WiFi 7 will be accompanied by the premiere of the technology Multi-Link Operation (MLO), which will act helping further reduce latency generated compared to WiFi 6E.

Also, MIMO (Multiple-input Multiple-output) technology will be part of WiFi 7, presenting a much greater coverage that will go from 8 to 16 spatial streams.

Added to this, Intel notes that WiFi 7 will not only provide a better experience in terms of coverage and speed, but also in energy efficiency for connected devices.

For more information about the properties of WiFi 7, access the document Intel PDF

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