5 Android tools to automate a lot of tasks from your mobile easily

Google Assistant does really well at helping us with hundreds of commands and tasks. Nevertheless, Why not go one step higher with applications that can make our lives a little easier?

And yes, saying that there are better options than Google Assistant may sound a bit crazy, but with the alternatives that you will see below you will know that the optimization of tasks continues to improve every day. Here are the top 5 with both free and paid tools.

The king of kings in the automation area is IFTTT. With more than 5 million downloads on Google Play, this application has been created to work with social networks, virtual assistants and other tools for daily use, both for home and work. Being compatible with more than 600 apps will allow you, for example, to receive news notifications every morning, set the thermostat to an optimal temperature when you get home, save screenshots in a specific album, send an automatic message to your family when you are arriving at a supermarket, backups and home security alerts, among other.

In its free version you can access a large majority of features, but if you want to have everything available, then you will have to go up to the version of $ 3.99 per month. We talked about her thoroughly a while ago in is fasting.


The objective of MacroDroid, as well as that of the other apps, is to make things easier for us by helping us, from the beginning of the day, until the routine is over. Thanks to this alternative you can configure actions of all kinds: activate the Wi-Fi connection when starting a particular application (and deactivate it when you close it), press the power button to give you the time (without taking your smartphone out of your pocket) , reject phone calls when you turn the phone upside down, even take a photo every time the PIN is entered incorrectly, and so on.

Configuration details like those mentioned above can be done for free, although the paid version $ 2.49 takes us up a notch with additional tasks.

The possibilities that Automate offers are really part of the highlight of the article. In summary, we must see this application as a system in which we can add blocks and each block represents a specific task: download and show online content as a notification every morning, change audio volume or screen brightness when opening an app, send a message or an email when you reach a location via GPS or when you start driving, send the screenshots to another folder that is not in Google Photos automatically, among other things.

Its free plan provides a lot of options, but the paid version for $ 3.90 increases the possibilities of automation much more.

Tasker’s strengths are in offering more than 200 integrated actions, as well as, use external plugins and plugins to automate things in our routine. Currently, it is one of the most complete tools that exist, that makes learning to use it not the easiest. However, you can try it out first in the free demo before shelling out $ 3.49 for it. If you have a Google Pass, you can use Tasker at zero cost.

Action Blocks Google

We finished the top 5 with an application developed by Google. Although Action Blocks is not 100% polished yet, the goal of the big G is that perform daily tasks from your mobile through buttons that can be customized. Thanks to this and the union with Google Assistant, you can, for example, turn lights on and off, adjust temperature, call a contact and more, all at a set time, which can be really interesting in case we forget during the day. day.

This option is available for free from Google Play and yes, since its development is still in the early stages, it is not bad to take a photo for the next few months.

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