Google would like Apple to adopt RCS, its iMessage equivalent

Google offers its help to Apple to adopt RCS, its next-generation SMS protocol.

While many of us converse mainly through applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or Snapchat, SMS has not yet had its last word. His successor is the protocol RCS, for Rich Communication Services. This is now generalized on Android smartphones in order to facilitate the exchange of files such as photos / videos, or to pass certain data over WiFi.

However, as soon as an Android smartphone user wishes to send a text message to an iPhone owner, the RCS becomes unnecessary, and the message is ultimately transmitted in the form of a simple SMS. Indeed, iOS does not support this protocol. The iPhone sticks to the SMS standard and its iMessage system between Apple devices.

Google would like to help Apple integrate this protocol into its mobile operating system. One of the leaders of the Android division at Google has indeed just extended a pole to the Cupertino company in order to bring the RCS to iOS.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will accept Google’s help in setting up this protocol. Apple indeed has its own messaging system, iMessage. The firm had even intended to offer iMessage on Android before changing its mind. The exclusivity of iMessage was indeed a strong selling point of the iPhone, and offering it on Android would have made it lose one of its great strengths. So it would be surprising if Apple integrates Google’s protocol so easily after that.

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