The climate plan is in the dark because of Apple, Microsoft, Disney and Amazon!

The pro-environmental rhetoric of large American corporations is well known, but their actions sometimes run counter to these fine words. Apple, Microsoft or even Amazon are not the last to finance the lobbies opposed to Joe Biden’s vast climate plan.

It is an astonishing paradox on the part of these large companies which, hand on heart, claim to have the environment as their main concern … But at the same time, Apple, Microsoft, Disney or even Amazon are funding lobbying groups that are campaigning behind the scenes to sink the Biden administration’s climate plan, as revealed by Guardian.

Double speech

The American president wants to pass a huge bill to 3.500 billion dollars, which contains unprecedented measures to reduce the CO2 emissions of the United States. Tax on polluting energies, new tax breaks for renewable energies, incentive for the use of clean vehicles in federal agencies… Initiatives which have enough to raise hearts in many companies, which will have to pay to finance this plan.

Most of them have however shown white paw: Amazon’s carbon footprint will be neutral in 2040, Apple announces the same thing by 2030, Microsoft has promised to be “carbon negative” in less than ten years . Fine words whose value we question, since these behemoths give money to pressure groups to adapt the text in their favor, or even remove the measures which are most unfavorable to them.

One of those lobbies is the Business Roundtable, ” deeply worried By adopting the text in large part because it contains an increase in corporate taxation. Among the leaders who make up its board of directors, we find Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, Andy Jassy of Amazon or Sundar Pichai (Google / Alphabet). Business leaders who are heard a lot about environmental issues but who do not want to hear about regulation!

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