The first collection of NFTs in Zaragoza on the occasion of the Fiestas del Pilar

A few days ago I told you that DC Comics was giving away NFTs To those who subscribe to his fan event, today we talk about the subject again, but this time with the Pilar parties.

We are talking, as surely many of you already know, about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital content that has become a trend in recent months, to the point that there are people willing to pay hundreds of thousands of euros for memes, photos and drawings of all kinds.

There are several specialized platforms on the subject, such as OpenSea, Rarible, VeVe, Binance or Crypto, where they help us digitize the art and intellectual property of our creations to preserve it forever.

Now it is the Zaragoza City Council who decided to enter the sector with emblematic elements of Aragonese culture. We have NFTs even of the traditional Bigheads.

Thus, they want to use Blockchain technology to spread and preserve the tradition and culture of the region, and they do so with a collection that begins with the Cabezudos de La Pilara, El Berrugón and La Forana.

The content has been designed in 3D and uploaded in OpenSea by the Aragonese company Imascono. Here is an example of an available NFT.

nft of the pillar

Until October 17 we will also have a 3D digital version of the Plaza del Pilar on the website, as well as we commented to you last year, and until October 12 we will have a game there called #Ofrenda Challenge in which we can look for a basket of traditional cobblestones hidden in the square.

By finding the basket and putting the secret code on Twitter, we will be able to enter the raffle to obtain physical prizes and the NFTs.

The NFTs are expanding more and more among the population, and they begin to be something common in the day to day of this metaverso that we are building together.

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