The Volkswagen ID.3 triumphs in Europe with 144,000 units sold, but in Spain it is not even close to the shadow of the Tesla Model 3

The Volkswagen ID.3, the first electric car of the new-age German brand, has harvested in its first year of commercialization 144,000 units sold in Europe. A figure that includes both the cars delivered and the orders placed at the end of September this year.

The brand takes its chest out, as its compact zero emissions has served to add some 70,000 new customers. In fact, half of the registered orders for the Volkswagen ID.3 correspond to new buyers of the brand.

The ID.3 triumphs like this in several European countries, although it does not happen this way in Spain: it is not among the five best-selling electric cars of our market in 2021, where the absolute leader is the Tesla Model 3. In this TOP 5 we do find the Volkswagen ID.4, your compact electric SUV.

The best-selling electric car in Europe in August

The Volkswagen ID.3 triumphs in Europe with 144,000 units sold, but in Spain

On august 2021, the Volkswagen ID.3 was the best selling electric car and in the first quarter of the year, both the ID.3 and the ID.4 boasted strong demand, which raised the German brand to first place in terms of electric cars marketed in the Old Continent.

Specifically, last August, the last month in figures of European registrations, ID.3 signed 7,904 units sold, closely followed by the Tesla Model 3, which ended the month with 7,824 models sold.

The podium was closed by the Volkswagen ID.4, with 4,624 units, but the gap is considerable with the first two positions occupied by its compact brother and the Californian.

The Volkswagen ID.3 triumphs in Europe with 144,000 units sold, but not so much in Spain

Volkswagen details that these figures harvested by the Volkswagen ID.3 are essentially due to sales in the local market, Germany, as well as in countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria or Switzerland where it has been the most commercialized in August.

Thus, at the Zwickau and Dresden plants, the ID.3’s daily production is set at 1,200 cars, and its production line has up to three shifts to output the electric car.

It is also good news for Volkswagen that the 50% of buyers who have purchased the electric compact are New customers. According to the brand, since its launch the ID.3 has attracted nearly 70,000 consumers who have never purchased a car from the firm before.

Volkswagen’s goal is that by 2030, 70% of the cars it sells in Europe will be 100% electric, which will mean exceeding, according to the brand, one million zero-emission units.

Only 570 units sold in Spain in 2021

The Volkswagen ID.3 triumphs in Europe with 144,000 units sold, but not so much in Spain

However, and despite the fact that at the moment it is the cheapest electric car that Volkswagen offers in our market, in Spain the ID.3 is not among the most traded zero emissions is 2021.

Although in 2020 yes it reaped better figures. In just three months they were sold 1,012 units of the ID.3, which allowed it to be crowned the fifth best-selling electric car of the year.

But after this good start, in 2021 and in many more months, his figures have been diluted in half: for the moment he signs the 570 cars marketed. Thus, in total in Spain the compact electric treasures 1,582 models registered since their launch with most of the cake for 2020.

The Volkswagen ID.3 triumphs in Europe with 144,000 units sold, but not so much in Spain

For now in 2021, the best-selling electric in our market It’s the Tesla Model 3, which also has a notable distance from the rest of the most commercialized electric vehicles with 2,155 registered models. The podium is completed by Kia Niro (1,061 units) and the everlasting Renault ZOE (876 units).


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To find a Volkswagen electric car, you have to go to the fourth position, where the Volkswagen ID.4 with little more than 680 cars sold in these nine months. And the SUV is more expensive than the compact.

As for price, the Model 3 starts at 45,990 euros in its more affordable option Standard Autonomy Plus, while the Kia Niro does the same at 19,800 euros, in the Concept base finish and with the less powerful engine (136 hp), with discounts applied and financing with the brand.

The ZOE, for its part, is offered from the 32,050 euros of tariff price, which can stay at 27,278 euros with offers applied and financing with Renault. This price corresponds to its 109 hp (80 kW) variant, with a 40 kWh battery and in its Life access finish.

The price among the three best sellers is quite uneven, which shows that it is not a determining factor at the moment for buyers of an electric in Spain. It is also true that it is a still incipient segment: pure zero emissions only make up the 2,24 % of the fee with 11,258 models sold of the total of 647,955.

The Volkswagen ID.3 triumphs in Europe with 144,000 units sold, but not so much in Spain

Of the ID.4 in 2021, 684 units have been sold and of the ID.3, 570

In short, and going back to Volkswagen’s zero-emission compact, Spain is not found at the moment between the markets that they contribute more precisely for him European success of the Volkswagen ID.3 despite being its most affordable electric.

It is also true that here part of the 37,315 euros in its most basic option (145 hp, 58 kWh battery and Pro finish), so it is not exactly among the cheapest zero emissions in our market.

But it is also true that the most economical option of the ID.3 it is not marketed in Spain and yes, for example in Germany (Pure version, with 45 kWh battery), although it has withdrawn there momentarily due to the microchip crisis due to the impossibility of meeting demand.

Volkswagen plans to launch another more affordable electric vehicle in 2025, the ID.2 and whose anteroom is the ID.LIFE concept, as it promises that it will be in the range of 20,000 euros.

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