Mobility Data Space founded: Joint fight for data sovereignty

Mobility is probably the last area in which Europeans have not yet lost data power to companies from the USA or China. To facilitate exchange and access, leading companies in the industry have now founded the Mobility Data Space to intensify cooperation. The shareholders include BMW, Caruso, Mercedes-Benz AG, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Here Technologies, HUK-Coburg and Volkswagen Group Info Services AG. North Rhine-Westphalia will be the first federal state to join as a partner after operations start on January 1, 2022.

The Mobility Data Space was created under the leadership of the Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport and the mobility providers involved. “It enables everyone who wants to help shape the mobility of the future, the equal, transparent and self-determined exchange of a wide range of mobility data, from the current weather situation to information on construction sites and air quality. This range of offers distinguishes the Mobility Data Space from many other offers in the market, which as a rule only cover parts of the mobility sector, “said acatech President Karl-Heinz Streibich.

Initially, no transaction costs

In recent months, participants in the Mobility Data Space from business, research, authorities and municipalities have developed the first innovative use cases for the sovereign exchange of data – for example to increase traffic safety, to optimize traffic flow in cities and municipalities or for a better travel experience through multimodal navigation apps. Offers. The applications will be presented for the first time on October 11th at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg.

The technical conception is carried out in close coordination with European and national initiatives in order to ensure compatibility with the projects of the Gaia-X domain and other European data rooms. The supporting company is the non-profit organization DRM Datenraum Mobility GmbH, which emerged from an acatech project. Initially, no transaction costs are charged at all, and later only low transaction costs. Streibich: “The Mobility Data Space is supposed to unearth data treasures by giving all actors in the mobility sector easy access to the data economy and allowing data providers to benefit from the full added value of their data.”

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