Nestlé wants to make vegan eggs and shrimp

In line with Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, Nestlé has just announced the launch of its range of vegan substitutes. On the menu: hard-boiled eggs and shrimps.

After the sausages and the nuggets d’Impossible Foods, or pulled pork from Planted, it is the turn of the giant Nestlé to enter the vegan substitutes market. The brand has just announced the launch of two new herbal products, intended to replace animal proteins during a meal. Here, no rare steak, but eggs and shrimp.

VEGGie eggs

Soberly named Garden Gourmet vEGGie, Nestlé’s fake egg was designed with soy and omega 3 protein. Presented in brick, the product can be used to make scrambled eggs, cakes, or any other preparation usually requiring the use of an egg. The company also indicates that its new product has obtained nutriscore A on European territory, thus formalizing its imminent arrival on the Old Continent.

Shrimp with seaweed

The second vegan product offered as an alternative to animal proteins, Nestlé is tackling shrimp this time, with its Garden Gourmet Vrimp (contraction of vegan and shrimp). Also composed of a mixture of plants, and in particular konjac, peas and algae, this vegetable shrimp would offer a “Texture and authentic flavor”, ensures the brand, and could be cooked in the same way as a classic recipe. With a nutriscore B in Europe, Nestlé is continuing its momentum, since the company had already imagined a plant-based alternative to tuna (called Vuna) in a few European countries.

Launched in Switzerland and Germany, Vrimps and vEGGies should quickly find their place in the rest of European supermarkets. In the meantime, French consumers will still be able to turn to Planted and Les Nouveaux Fermiers to find plant substitutes for their favorite animal products.

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