SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless, the new Belkin headphones, with Apple Search

I have now been able to test the new from Belkin, a brand that I already introduced you in the past with various gadgets related to sound, both speakers with Google assistant and various headphones.

Today I tell you about the experience with the SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless, headphones integrated with Apple Search, so that we can find them at any time.

We are talking about headphones of just over 100 euros that stand out for the battery life, the noise cancellation system, the Qualcomm aptX technology and an excellent bass response.

The first thing I do when testing headphones is put on Carmina Burana, to see how it responds to bass, then some Irish music, and then I go through various frequency tests to see how it responds to highs and mids. In all the tests I have had a great experience, but I liked its response more in bass than in treble.

It has two microphones, and a system to make calls sound clearer (they eliminate background noise), although to use them in phone calls it is clear that there are other cheaper options. These headphones are for music lovers, for those who want to enjoy clear sound while isolating themselves from the world.

The battery can last 8 hours in a row (60 mAh in each earbud), and the case offers another 28 hours (520 mAh). In my case I did not get more than 25 hours in a row with Bluetooth and maximum volume, so it is clear that the numbers must always be taken with tweezers, they depend a lot on the situation of each one. The charging cable is USB-C to USB-A.

Belkin is the first independent accessory manufacturer to use Apple’s Find network, a function that we can use to locate the charging case.

When it comes to wireless sound, it uses the guaranteed Qualcomm aptX technology covering all frequencies of human hearing.

In terms of design, I am struck by how pronounced they are at the end, which helps to better fit the inner part of the ear. It has 3 pairs of silicone ear tips, of different sizes, so there is no problem in that regard.

Headphones are available in black and white in this link.

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