Spain has only advanced 3% of its objectives to promote the electric car by 2030, according to this study

Spain has less than a decade to meet the commitments that it has acquired before the European Union regarding the electrification of its fleet. At present, our country only has a fleet of about 150,000 electric vehicles, which represents around 0.4% of the fleet, but the objective is to reach up to the five million before 2030.

They are data from a recent report from OBS Business School on the situation of the electric vehicle in Spain, which shows that progress in the goal of the Spanish project involves only a percentage of 3%.

The first half of 2021 has shown continued growth until reaching a total of 16,650 electric vehicles enrolled, which is 32.8% more than during the same period in 2020 and 41.9% compared to the same period in 2019. However, these data are not even remotely sufficient. Meanwhile, in the rest of Europe, 2.9 million electric cars already circulate.

There are advances, but they are insufficient


To the climatic neutrality established in the European Green Deal, we must add the EU Action Plan “Towards zero air, water and soil pollution”, two commitments whose deadline is 2050. In addition, in the EU package of measures called “Fit for 55 ”it is established, among other measures, that“ in the year 2035 no new car in Europe will be able to emit CO₂ by its exhaust pipe ”.

These are just some of the challenges Spain faces if it wants to decarbonise its mobility, without losing the opportunity to position itself as a key player at the international level in a context of global change and crisis due to the semiconductor shortage, lack of raw materials and increased cost of transport.

We must remember that our country produces 3% of the world’s cars and is the second largest producer in Europe: this activity accounts for 8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“Spain must take into account the objectives and the paths that are being set, both by our competitors and by the destination markets of nationally manufactured vehicles,” reads the document, prepared by May López, researcher and teacher at OBS Business School and Director of Development of the platform Companies for Sustainable Mobility.


The OBS report indicates that in order to achieve the objectives to which it has committed itself, Spain must ensure the correct adaptation of the factories and the sector to some targets set by the EU for new cars: cars should emit 15% less CO₂ in 2025 and from 2030 to decrease by 37.5%; for vans, this reduction will be 15% and 31% respectively.

But the adaptation of the industry is not easy, especially considering that, as a result of the semiconductor crisis, the production of automobiles will be reduced worldwide. up to 7.1 million vehicles in 2021 and this fact will bring with it tensions in the supply chain pressured by the rising cost of raw materials.


Also supply interruptions until well into next year, and stoppages in the main Spanish factories such as those we have been seeing for months (Seat, Opel, Mercedes, Renault …) and may even increase the Records of Temporary Employment Regulation (FOR HIM).

According to the OBS, one of the actions to be carried out in the short term to improve the situation is because the sector “must prepare itself so as not to depend on Asian battery suppliers” and in this sense, the European Commission has begun to activate projects such as the European Battery Alliance.

May López believes that it is key for Spain to develop its own industry and adapt the existing one from the manufacture of batteries and vehicles, “to everything related to the recharging infrastructure and components of the automotive sector.”

We must not forget that in addition to the objectives in terms of production, Spain has the objective of having 100,000 charging points by 2023 and between 250,000 and 340,000 in 2030: to achieve this it would have to grow by 40% year-on-year.

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