the (TRUE) investment finally accessible to all

Mon Petit Placement is based on a simple commitment: high-end investment, accessible to all, from 300 euros. Here’s how to make the most of the platform, and start growing your capital.

Did you know ? In 2020, Americans saw their gross financial assets grow twice as fast as those of the French. The reason ? The composition of portfolios, but above all access to simple investment tools across the Atlantic.

Historically, the French have the reflex of using savings accounts as the main lever for investment. In fact, by combining rates approaching 0% and inflation, placing your money in a passbook is to generate negative returns over time. However, there are many solutions on the market, and My Small Placement offers a revolutionary offer by its simplicity.

This week, the JDG negotiated a special offer for you, which allows you to reduce costs thanks to the exclusive code GEEK50 which ends in a few hours. The strength of Mon Petit Placement lies in providing access, even without having hundreds of thousands of euros to invest, to financial products usually reserved for the highest incomes.

To discover the solution, it’s here:

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Financial markets accessible in a few clicks

Being an investor cannot be invented. The apparent complexity of financial markets is one of the main reasons for the popularity of low yield savings accounts. By offering a simple and accessible formula, Mon Petit Placement allows you to invest quickly, and above all in a reasoned manner.

The platform offered by the French company is very simple, and you are supported throughout the process. The first step, it is the creation of an account in 6 minutes flat. Then, you will receive a personalized video according to your investment profile, to guide you in your choices. Finally, you will have access to the website and the mobile application to easily manage your portfolio.

To find out more, it’s here:

Discover My Small Placement

The major advantage of Mon Petit Placement is to offer, from an investment of 300 euros, products usually marketed by the big banks. While these products are simple, they are rarely offered to the general public, with traditional players preferring to focus on their wealthy customers. The good news is that they are much more profitable than your booklet A.

After viewing the video, you will have the choice of the level of risk, but also the themes on which you wish to invest. Tech, ecology, health or even solidarity, you can put together your portfolio as you see fit.

The key to capital? The long term

My Small Placement allows you to withdraw your capital at any time. However, the real key to successful investors is often to think (very) long term. Rather than focusing on short-term trading stocks, taking a holistic view of the portfolio is a rational way to make your money grow.

Many see cryptocurrency as an El Dorado, but hang in there. The CAC40 has grown by an average of 7.70% since its launch at the end of the 1980s. If you had chosen to invest in this index at the time, your capital would have increased tenfold today.

In addition to this, Mon Petit Placement offers serious support, because it is also for its own good. Indeed, the remuneration of the company is solely on the performance of its clients. If you win, so does the startup. If your performance is negative, no income for the platform. A win-win relationship.

For a few hours, Mon Petit Placement offers an offer dedicated to readers of Journal du Geek. Using the code GEEK50, you are entitled to a reduced fee of 50% for the first year. One more good reason to test the platform and, finally, start growing your capital:

I take advantage of the offer

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