These new Philips Hue products are coming soon

So, here I am again. After a short break in the Netherlands, from today I will provide you with exciting news from the world of Philips Hue every day. I hope that you stopped by here in the blog last week, even if it was certainly a bit quieter.

However, there will be enough food in the coming days, because according to the official information from September, a batch of new Hue products will start tomorrow, October 12th. In this article I would like to tell you what you can expect.

  • Hue E27 1,600 lumens White Ambiance for 49.99 euros
  • Hue E27 1.1600 Lumen White and Color Ambiance für 69,99 Euro
  • Hue Enrave White Ambiance ceiling light from 159.99 euros
  • Hue Devere White Ambiance ceiling light from 169.99 euros

The two ceiling lights will be available in different sizes and colors. Just like with the bulbs, I do not assume that you will be able to shop online without any problems from Tuesday and that delivery will take place one day later. A little patience is probably required.

Philips Hue Play Gradient Light Tube will not appear until the end of the month

This also applies to the Philips Hue Play Gradient Light Tube, which should not be available until October 26 anyway.

In addition, with the Philips Hue Infuse and the Philips Hue Xamento, two more ceiling light models will appear in November or December, which can not only display white ambiance, but also colors.

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