To the point of caramel! Tesla wants to start delivering the Berlin Gigafactory Model Y in December

Manufacture 10,000 Tesla Model Y every week “hopefully” and even 520,000 electric cars per year from Germany.

These are some of the goals that the Californian company has set for its sounded Berlin Gigafactory, that, as announced by Elon Musk, will be operational this same month of December, even before. And that still does not have the final permission from the authorities.

An almost complete factory that lacks permission from the authorities

“Our goal is to start production in a few months, basically November or December, and we expect to deliver our first vehicles in December,” Musk said during the event.

In addition to this huge factory, Tesla has presented plans to invest around $ 5.8 billion in an adjacent battery plant with 50 GWh capacity.

On October 9, Tesla held an open day at the new Gigafactory that included, in addition to an Oktoberfest-style fair, a big party at the end, perhaps to win the sympathy of some locals to whom the factory has not done much. funny.

The construction of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin (Grünheide, Brandenburg), whose procedures were approved two years ago by the authorities under a tortuous procedure, it’s almost complete.

But the manufacturer has run into environmental groups at every turn and citizens who have tried to stop its construction, alluding to the enormous impact on the fauna and flora that they assure the enormous plant will have, both its construction and its operation.

In fact, the German Environment authorities have not yet granted final approval for the opening of the Gigafactory 4, and the consultation process open to residents will be open until October 14.

At the moment only has preliminary approvals to continue building the facilities and installing the technical equipment, as well as to test the equipment.

According Insideevs, strict conditions will be applied on the use of water for the production of vehicles, as well as actions to prepare for possible accidents with toxic pollutants.

If everything goes as Musk plans – something that rarely happens the first time – Europe will have a German Model Y, and not a Chinese one, at the end of this year. The Model 3 will also come from here.

In Spain, potential clients you can already try the Tesla Model Y, which is added to the Model 3, Model S and Model X that, until this month, were the only ones available for these tests focused on buyers.

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