Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X: The New Smart Door Lock with Face Recognition

Xiaomi has one of the most extensive portfolios of cheap gadgets and smart home products. Now we have another of these gadgets, a smart lock nicknamed Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X, or smart lock with face recognition, a bold feature in this type of IoT products.

Like most of our Android and iOS smartphones, facial recognition is currently a common way to unlock our mobile devices. However, Xiaomi believes that this same method can be safely used to enter the house, for example.

New smart lock Xiaomi recognizes the face of “approved” users

Xiaomi smartlock
The new Xiaomi gadget has now been released in China.

Please note that this is not Xiaomi’s first smart lock. It is, however, the most advanced, robust and high-tech with facial recognition of authenticated users. Unfortunately, so far these products are a China exclusive.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X is constructed from a robust frame with a low profile. The highlight, however, is the 3D facial recognition system, similar to what we found on the Apple iPhone with the Face ID system.

This system consists of a spot projector, an infrared camera, RGB camera, light sensor, proximity sensor and infrared light focus. In summary, a configuration extremely similar to the system employed by the Cupertino giant in their latest iPhone.

It’s called Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X and it’s available in China

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X has an advanced face recognition system

According to the upcoming manufacturer, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X will unlock as soon as it recognizes an authenticated face in its vicinity. However, the lock also has 7 other opening ways for greater security and versatility.

Namely, you can unlock through fingerprint recognition, password (password), NFC, among others. The smart lock is also able to automatically close when recognizing an unauthenticated person in the vicinity of the door, immediately alerting the user / administrator, according to the manufacturer.

Note also that this smart lock needs power. For this purpose, Xiaomi has placed a 6 250 mAh battery, rechargeable, although the average autonomy of this lock has not been revealed.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X
The general appearance of the new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X.

Xiaomi has not disclosed, at the time of this writing, the official price of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X. Its availability should be limited to China until further notice.

Finally, this Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X works with Mijia application for control and integration into the manufacturer’s product ecosystem. It should also be noted that this lock is compatible with Apple’s Homekit system, allowing full control through the applications, as well as registering unauthenticated faces that try to force entry.

Would you like to see Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X in Europe?

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