a motorhome with a Hummer nose and a 329 hp V8, which is unique in the world and is now looking for an owner

And Hummer is the king of excessWait till you see what a Hummer H2 looks like turned into mobile home, With every little detail. His name is Chinook Baja H2 Special Edition, It was signed by the Chinook RV specialist back in 2004 and could go on sale soon for about 173,000 euros.

In terms of camper and motorhome solutions, there seem to be no limits and less if a mammoth is used for this Lobster H2. You may find on the Internet an H2 with a bed on the roof, or with everything you need to camp for a weekend, yes. But you won’t find a motorhome like this. Nicknamed ‘Chummer’, it is a one-of-a-kind creation.

The most impressive motorhome


Fortunately, ‘Chummer’ has little to do with preparations like that H2 drawn by horses that we knew more than a decade ago, but that we have not yet been able to eliminate from our minds … or with what is probably the ugliest H2 in history, signed by 213 Motoring. Still, Chinook Baja H2 Special Edition is definitely more than quirky.

This eccentric motorhome is built on the basis of GM’s standard chassis for commercial vehicles of the American one-ton class. And although the front is a custom H2, it can be tilted forward for easy access to the mechanics, just like a stock Hummer. Under the hood, you will find the well-known and tremendous 6.0 V8 of 329 CV.

The vehicle is prepared to carry out ‘off-road’ journeys and get lost in areas of difficult access, as shown by the great warn winch on the front bumper, the tires or specific suspensions improved. And in case the going gets tough an emergency kit in the rear will come in handy while waiting for a rescue.


Two rows of lights (one at the front and one at the rear) illuminate the area around the ‘Chummer’ at night. Inside, among the exclusive touches that this motorhome equips, elements such as a huge folding leather sofa electrically or details such as compartments made with cherry wood, which are found throughout the cabin.

Of course, this creative motorhome also has a bathroom, a full kitchen, a sizeable TV, and appliances. It runs a 4,000-watt generator, has heated storage tanks, and is equipped with a central vacuum system for easy cleaning.

Chummer Int

Former Chinook boss and RV legend, Gary Lukehart, was the one who had the original idea to create this model in the early 2000s for display at a Louisville event in 2005.

He did not plan to sell it, but an anonymous buyer was so persistent that he managed to buy it. Shortly after, a friend of Lukeheart’s, Mike Johnson, took a fancy to her and didn’t stop until he got her, when he barely had 11,000 kilometers on the odometer and the bathroom hadn’t even been used.

Johnson bought it for $ 197,000 – a little more than 170,000 euros to change – and is currently considering putting it back on the market so that someone else can enjoy it. Lukehart’s original plan called for building more Baja H2s, but Chinook ran into financial trouble shortly after the Chummer’s debut and the project didn’t go ahead.

Thus, considering that ‘Chummer’ is the only one of its kind, it does not seem like a difficult task to sell it for just over $ 200,000, which is almost 173,000 euros. It could even get more, since it is difficult to know how much it could be worth, being a unique and so particular construction. Also, although now it counts 22,530 kilometers to their credit, they are still few for this type of vehicle.

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