Amazfit Powerbuds Pro: good and cheap headphones as an alternative to Xiaomi

Amazfit, a company until recently owned by Xiaomi, now announces the arrival of a new product dedicated to audio and focused on portability. More specifically, the TWS Bluetooth headset Amazfit Powerbuds Pro to be announced soon.

The product has now been partially unveiled by the Chinese manufacturer itself, anticipating its official presentation this October, in China. In the meantime, we get to know some of the main features of this rival product of the Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro, among other comparable gadgets.

Amazfit partially unveiled Powerbuds Pro headsets

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro
Amazfit Powerbuds Pro headset presentation poster.

Faced with a growing market, we will have new wearables to be presented on October 12th by Amazfit. The disclosure was made by the brand itself through its profile on the Chinese social network Weibo, giving an account of the main capabilities of the new gadget.

In particular we highlight its competitive price, wanting to compete directly with Xiaomi and its Redmi product range. At the same time, we learn that these TWS Bluetooth headsets will also have 40 dB active noise canceling (ANC).

That said, we are facing an advanced product, which will keep a low price in order to capture the interest of consumers, as well as being inspired by the Apple AirPods Pro.

So, in effect, Amazfit’s new gadget will have a shiny, rigid plastic construction, with a small red LED in a completely white body. In summary, very similar to current AirPods Pro.

Affordable Bluetooth earbuds with ANC up to 40dB

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro
Amazfit Powerbuds Pro headset presentation poster.

The control and personalization of the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro headphones will be done through the Zepp Health app. There, according to the information leaks, the user will be able to take advantage of the active noise canceling capabilities built into this product.

More specifically, you can define the intensity and modes of operation of this strong attenuation of ambient noise. To this end, Amazfit provided these headphones with 6 dedicated microphones to create a noise profile to be canceled afterwards.

In fact, these headsets will even have the heart rate monitoring function. This is something unusual in werables of this type. Apparently, Amazfit wants to make this product irresistible for athletes, as well as for the general public, going beyond the competitive price that we are used to.

Earphones capable of tracking the user’s heart rate

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro
Os Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro cost 67 € on sale at Amazon.ES

Going beyond Xiaomi’s rival product – Redmi Buds 3 Pro – Amazfit has endowed Powerbuds Pro with new built-in sensors. It did this to not only record the user’s heart rate, but also monitor the user’s posture. In this way, you can alert the patient to the need to straighten up, release the accumulated tension in the neck and upper vertebrae, among other functions.

Finally, we are now waiting for the presentation and official launch of the global version of the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro. These headsets are already available in some key markets like the United States of America, but they continue to dribble through Europe.

The presentation of the product will also reveal the sale price to the public in Europe, as well as its availability in other markets.

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