Apple unveils the date of its next keynote, MacBook Pro approaching!

After presenting its iPhone 13 in September, the Apple brand announces a new conference on October 18 to present its next Macs.

Apple has just put an end once and for all to rumors suggesting that the brand will host a new keynote in October. It’s now official: meet the October 18 next for a new Apple event!

While the September keynote was devoted to the presentation of the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPad, this new conference should focus on Macs. Apple is expected to present its brand new generation of MacBook Pro. According to the latest rumors about it, we should find two machines, respectively equipped with a 14 and 16 inch screen. We should also take advantage of a new more angular chassis, and reintegrating old ports such as an SD slot, an HDMI port and even a MagSafe connector. We could also be entitled to new mini LED screens, as this short teaser of the announcement strongly suggests.

Above all, these machines should introduce a new homemade chip, probably dubbed Apple M1X. This would follow on from the critically acclaimed M1, and should be available in several variants depending on the machines equipped. It could in particular be found on a new Mac mini “Pro” and on a new 32-inch iMac, two products that have also been mentioned by rumors. However, it is not certain that Apple will reveal them as of October 18.

Apple could also take the opportunity to present its AirPods 3, its new generation of wireless earphones anticipated during the last keynote, but which we had not finally heard from. So let’s meet on October 18 to take stock of all the latest Apple news!

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