Billions for e-cars and other areas: Macron wants to modernize France’s economy

French President Emmanuel Macron presented a € 30 billion investment plan to modernize the country’s economy. France should become more of an industrial location and a country of innovation again, said Macron at the presentation of the “France 2030” plan on Tuesday in Paris. The plan aims to give the French economy the opportunity to grow more through innovation.

Over the next five years, the investments are expected to flow into key areas of the French economy such as the automotive industry, aerospace, and the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

More capacity for e-cars

Investments should also be made in nuclear energy with the development of smaller nuclear reactors, said Macron. France should become the leading country in the field of green hydrogen. By 2030, the country should also have reached a production capacity of two million electric and hybrid cars per year.

Macron presented the long-awaited investment plan at the start of the presidential election in April of next year in an almost two-hour speech to students and company management. A re-election of Macron would be a prerequisite for the plan to flow into future government action. The 43-year-old has not yet officially announced his candidacy, but it is not in question. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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