Canva already allows us to create videos to publish on social networks

Until now, the only move Canva made to create videos was to transform a sequence of photos into an mp4 file, something that many free mobile apps already do. Few options were as complete as Flexclip, and most content managers were unwilling to pay for multiple different platforms to post on social media.

Now Canva takes the definitive step, the one that many of us were waiting for: a video editor integrated into the platform.

Canva, for those who know it, is a startup valued at 40 billion dollars, and it allows you to create designs in a very short time, both for publishing on networks and for illustrating articles on the web. It is one of the best ways to invest money if you dedicate yourself to creating content, although they also have a free plan.

They launched it in 2013 with the idea of ​​democratizing design, creating a user interface that allows anyone to do just about anything from slides to T-shirts to social media resources.

They now have video software that offers a scene-centric interface, which means that users can divide their video into easy-to-manage parts. From there, we will be able to trim scenes, manage multiple audio tracks, and use video previews in the editor to check the work done.


Canva already allows you to make videos! #editor #videos

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Canva also offers video templates to simplify the process, so that it is possible not to start from scratch if we want to make a TikTok video or a reel on Instagram. Above you can see an example that we have published on our TikTok.

The company is also introducing screen recording, and we will be able to record ourselves to embed the content in the created video. Of course, everything can be illustrated with animations and automatic transitions in the classic Canva interface.

canvas video

Several users can edit the same video on the platform, also helping teamwork.

Canva Video is in the top panel of the tool, as shown in the screenshot above.

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