Charging current for e-cars: Bundeskartellamt insists on more competition

The Bundeskartellamt has opted for stronger competition when Charging current for electric vehicles used. In the current phase of building the infrastructure, open and non-discriminatory market access has to be ensured, explained the head of the authorities, Andreas Mundt, in an interim report on the infrastructure of charging stations. In the paper, the Cartel Office also criticizes the way in which the federal government wants to promote a “Germany network” of fast charging stations.

The preliminary results of the investigation showed that the instrument of the public tendering of land, especially at the municipal level, has so far been used too little. “In some cases, these areas are completely or predominantly assigned to one and the same operator, for example the municipal utility.”

At the nationwide “Germany network” of fast charging stations announced in August by Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the competition authority particularly criticized the planned setting of upper price limits for charging tariffs. The pricing policy could displace existing or planned private offers and thus prevent rapid expansion.

Ten minutes…

According to the plans, the next fast charging station for electric cars should be reachable in ten minutes. The price limits that companies have to adhere to if they want to participate in the network are controversial. Charging station operators feel threatened by the price targets and complain that the federal government is distorting competition.

The interim report also deals with the development of charging current prices. “Of course, high prices are always a nuisance for all customers,” explained Mundt. “However, the previous investigations by the Federal Cartel Office have not produced any evidence that charging electricity prices in Germany are systematically and nationwide excessive.” (dpa / gem)

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