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Cheap FHD projector from BlitzWolf

The BlitzWolf BW-VP13 is excellent value for money Full HD resolution projector. THE LED light source according to the manufacturer It has a lifespan of 40,000 hours, and 6000 lumen illuminates brightly. Unfortunately only vertical, received manual keystone correction with +/- 15 degree adjustment, but in terms of price, you can endure so much inconvenience. Huge advantage of that Bluetooth 5.0 and dual WiFi it can also be used to send content wirelessly from your mobile or computer. Of course, you can also connect your devices to it with a cable, since you got it two pieces of HDMI, one VGA-t, one jack and one OF connector, and SD card and pendrive-ot they could also put it in. You don’t have to connect an external speaker, since with two 3-watt noise generators provided.

Undoubtedly the BW-VP13 one of the best value for money projectors to BlitzWolf, and luckily a coupon is now available for it. If you type in the appropriate field a BGNZW13 coupon code, then shipping 45 900 FtPrices may be different for different currencies due to the conversion rates of webshops (eg if you set the webshop to HUF, the prices are usually higher than when you set it to USD). The prices indicated in the article are for information only, and in all cases the forint-equivalent equivalents of the price displayed in USD (or EUR if there is no USD option) on the webshop (according to the interbank exchange rate valid at the time of writing).for you can order it from a Czech warehouse.

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