Dyson V8 Animal + price bites the dust with this offer

Boulanger breaks the price of the Dyson V8 Animal +. It’s time to treat yourself to the famous stick vacuum cleaner to make cleaning more pleasant.

Do we still need to present Dyson vacuums? The British brand’s stick vacuum cleaners are quite simply the best on the market. Between design, longevity, power and maneuverability, they make the chore of household much less painful. However, quality comes at a price… but not at Boulanger today. The French merchant is currently offering a nice reduction on the Dyson V8 Animal + which goes to 299 euros instead of 369 euros. Now is the time to regain a taste for cleaning.

Take advantage of the offer

Dyson V8 Animal +: everything you need, where it’s needed

The Dyson V8 presents itself as an excellent compromise in the Dyson range. It takes advantage of all the know-how of the brand, both in terms of technical characteristics and design, without doing so in the debauchery of features found on the latest models. Because if they are practical, they remain superfluous. The V8 focuses on the essentials, which allows it to be on top, without being overpriced, especially with this offer. Modern design, practicality and suction quality. Everything is there. Even though it is not the most recent model, it still places itself as a premium product in the market.

This Dyson V8 Animal + is therefore a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. On the one hand, this means that you don’t have a sled to carry behind you, the dust is stored directly in a bin placed on the upper part of the device. On the other hand, you can move without having to worry about the wire and the plugs at each change of room, it is more practical and more efficient during your cleaning. Believe us, that changes everything.

It benefits from several cleaning modes with the possibility of choosing two power levels. The second is a “boost” mode to be used sparingly, otherwise the battery level will melt like snow in the sun. Speaking of autonomy, Dyson claims 40 minutes on a single charge. It can be recharged using a wall station supplied with the purchase or simply via the mains adapter.

This “Animal +” version differs from the more classic “Motorhead” by the presence of two additional accessories: a brush designed for animal hair, and the very practical motorized mini-brush for carpets and rugs. This device can also be converted into a hand-held vacuum cleaner very easily, so you can clean even more things (seats, baseboards, etc.).

Take advantage of the offer

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