EXCLUSIVE – Due to a lack of chips: At Audi, the tapes stand still

At Audi, the belts stand still again.

Due to the global chip crisis, automobile production in the two German locations at the headquarters in Ingolstadt and the plant in Neckarsulm is only taking place to a limited extent. Audi announced this at the request of the Automobile week with.

In Ingolstadt, production this week on the assembly lines for A3 and Q2, as well as on the assembly line for A4 / A5 and A3. The third assembly line for the A4 and A5 models is currently running at least in a single-shift system.

The Neckarsulm site is even more severely affected by the shortage of semiconductors. Production for the A4, A5, A6 and A7 models has been suspended here since Monday at least until this Friday. The A8 is produced in at least one shift. The factory in the Bllinger Hfen, where the luxury sports cars R8 and e-tron GT are made, are not affected by any restrictions.

According to Audi, all employees affected by the failures will be on short-time work for this period. Most recently, production stoppages at Audi had become public at the end of August, when the bands in Neckarsulm even rested for a whole week. Shifts were repeatedly canceled in the two large German plants throughout July. For this reason, the company decided for the first time in April to register short-time working in the affected areas.

The situation is not expected to ease until the middle of next year. The semiconductors that are so important for automobile production are currently in short supply worldwide. Other German manufacturers also have major problems due to the chip crisis. BMW shared at the request of the Automobile week with, in the plant in Regensburg (including ones, X1, X2) instead of two shifts, this week only drive in a one-shift system.

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