Google simplifies the process of authorizing access to third-party apps

In the continuous search for process simplification by Google, now it is the turn of the authorization of access to our data in Google applications to third-party applications through the use of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which is the protocol that it lies behind the authorization processes.

Google recalls in a statement the changes that have been made to the access consent screen, in which users can grant access to our data from the different Google applications to third-party applications.

In this sense, it was in 2019 when they carried out a significant review of the consent screen, where users obtained a screen for each request to access a resource in our specific account, and in this same year the requests for multiple permissions from the same screen while in turn giving us more granular control.

According to Google, as of now:

Today we announced an OAuth consent experience that simplifies the way users can share data with applications. This experience also improves consent conversion for apps that use incremental authorization, which requests only one scope. Users can now easily share this type of request with a single tap.

In other words, if we have already granted access to a series of resources, we will not have to grant them again when we are asked for access to a different resource, where we will only focus on the same one.

The developers They will not have to make any changes to their applications, although they are advised to use “incremental authorization and request only one resource at a time when your application needs it.”

To Google:

If your application requires multiple resources at once, make sure you can gracefully handle partial consent and reduce its functionality appropriately as per OAuth 2.0 policy

Developers will have everything they need to know in the guide that Google makes available to them.

More information: Google Developer Blog

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