How to get a list of remixes of the songs contained in a Spotify playlist

With the help of third-party services it is possible to give a new look to a Spotify account. Although this platform stands out for its musical discovery tools, there are alternatives that offer more specific experiences.

A new service, Mixmello, is in charge of analyzing a chosen playlist, to create an equivalent of it in parallel, but composed of remixed versions of their songs.

Mixmello, a service to collect remixes of your songs saved on Spotify

The platform presented is completely free. To use it, you simply need to log in with a Spotify account, whatever your subscription plan. Once inside, Mixmello allows you to navigate between the playlists stored in the recently linked account. The next step is to choose a playlist among those, to carry out the conversion.

Automatically, based on the metadata of the catalog that the same streaming music platform makes available through its API, Mixmello is in charge of finding a remix that corresponds to each listed song. The alternatives presented can be heard from the same site and if more than one eligible option is found, the final decision rests with the user.

Once the remix selection is generated and adjusted, it can be saved as a new playlist in Spotify.

In a matter of one or a couple of minutes, plus a couple of clicks, it is possible to automate a process that, manually, would take at least a few hours. Apart from being a tool that can help in the exploration of new sounds for music lovers and their collections of songs, it can also be a useful resource for those who usually perform physical exercise in the company of stimulating music, generating an extra (and more personalized) option in front of to the lists already available on the platform.

Beyond what the official Spotify applications already allow to do, through external tools powered by the aforementioned API, it is possible to exploit greater versatility. On previous occasions, among many other examples, we have shown as proof of this potential other apps for get an updated top of songs and artists, generate a color palette based on the music collection of an account, order the music saved the navigate under other dynamics in his classical music catalog.

The presented tool is available at, portal that also presents additional information about the application, which by the way is open source.

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