How to set dates for virtual meetings with people in different parts of the world

Vimcal is a new service of calendar, web-based, which tries to cover an area where other existing calendar services often fail when looking for the right times to set up remote meetings.

In this sense, Vimcal is a productivity tool focused on one aspect of the hybrid work model, facilitating meeting organizers to set them according to the availability of the different participants.

And this is where Vimcal most emphatically enters, since it takes into account the time zones of each of them, according to the places in the world where they are, since it includes time zone conversions, avoiding that the organizers have to complicate their lives at this point.

One of the developers argues thatAlthough they like Calendy, sending just one URL to an investor sounded rude to them, which adds to the fact that:

We had no choice but to manually coordinate which hours we send to whom. Mixing up the Asian and European time zones, and the result was a bunch of embarrassing double bookings, “Whoops, that time has been taken” and accidental 4am calls.

So after spending many hours, the result is officially launched today, combining elegance and functionality to make it possible to reach practical moments to carry out the virtual meetings that are needed.

Arrived the programmed moments, They will be able to set up meetings via video calls with a click away, regardless of the video calling tools they use, which allows organizers to go beyond the use of commonly known tools, being able to use others if they wish, such as Whereby, highly recommended by privacy advocates.

To use Vimcal it will be necessary to have a Google account, being able to take advantage of the first month of trial for free.

The tool itself is defined as follows:

Vimcal is the fastest calendar in the world, beautifully designed for people who work remotely and live on their calendars. It comes full-featured with time zone conversion, booking links, keyboard shortcuts, and everything else that a modern calendar app should have.

It is already a matter of at least testing the new calendar that, as we say, exists as a tool for productivity Web-based, so it will be necessary to have a web browser to use it.

Link: Vimcal

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