Instagram adds functions so you know what happens with your account

Instagram is testing two new functions so that the user knows what happens to his account when he cannot update his feed or the service does not work.

If last week you spent hour after hour seeing if Instagram worked, you may be interested in the new functions that are in testing.

New Instagram Features

So that users are not confused when the app does not work, and wonder if it is an internet or service problem, Instagram is testing a new alert.

According to the Instagram team, when there is a major interruption in the service, it will notify the user in their activity feed. Of course, this alert will not be displayed every time there is a problem, but will be activated when Instagram considers that users need to know what is happening with their account.

Instead of searching other social networks to find out if Instagram have a service problem, they want users to find answers in the same app. As seen in the image above, Instagram could show users an alert like “There is currently a technical problem affecting stories.”

At the moment, this dynamic will only be tested in the United States for a few months. And if it works as expected, Instagram I could say to extend this function internationally. On the other hand, it is testing another function that will inform the user what is happening with their account.

Under the name “Status of your account”, Instagram will inform the user if their account is in danger of being sanctioned or disabled for violating some of the platform’s policies. This dynamic will not only make it easier to know if Instagram has given us a sanction, but it will also give us the option to “Request a review” from this same section.

Keep in mind that these functions are under test, so their dynamics may change over time.

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