Instagram will notify users when there is an instagramdown


When Instagram goes down, everyone goes to Twitter to check if it is something global or if it is a problem with their mobile phone. The #instagramdown hashtag comes to life and people are left swiping to see when it returns, the classic F5 of a lifetime but adapted to the mobile world.

Instagram wants to avoid that, it does not want people to go crazy thinking that it is a problem with their device or their account, and for this it is thinking of installing notifications in the app warning of possible future falls.

On the Instagram blog they comment that it will display information about a technical failure or service issues in your Activity, and notify you when the problem is resolved and everything is back to normal.

In a first stage, only those who live in the United States will see the notifications, although they intend to reach the whole world later. Until then, nothing like a good Twitter, since asking for WhatsApp will surely not do any good (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram share a lot of infrastructure, so when one falls, the others usually fall).

Thus the “Is it just me or is Instagram down for everyone?” Will end, although this does not mean that the habit of going to Twitter and enjoying human creativity with the enormous number of memes that usually appear in these situations will end.

Along with this notification, Instagram is also implementing the account status, where users will be notified about reported posts. The center will also report if we have violated the terms of the social network and if the account is at risk of being deleted.

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