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Off-road remote control car action brings the breeze of Christmas

We rarely write on our site about RC cars, which is because Readers have little interest in the topic and the editorial staff isn’t some big remote control gadget fan either. Although we were still very topped on the subject of drones a few years ago, now they are rarely mentioned here. However, the children of our Readers love these, so as we approach Christmas, we tend to write about these as well, giving good gift ideas. The Eachine EAT12 off-road RC car is just like that because it’s damn cheap and a very good starting car.

1/28 scale model is Eachine EAT12, which means that one 14.5 cents it is a vehicle. As a result, although it was intended for the field, it will obviously not be able to pass through the huge tree trunks. Moreover, the car is not even four-wheel drive, however YouTube videos he seems to be able to go through a lot of things. And its speed is quite high, 35 km / h, which doesn’t seem like much when described, but for an RC car, it can’t be called slow.

One in the car 300 mAh capacity lithium battery there is something that can go for about a quarter of an hour, but the package also includes two batteriesso we can team up with him again after a quick exchange. For the axes they also provide a charger to charge them from a USB port.

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