Rental cars: Prices are rising, especially in holiday countries

Anyone who takes a rental car during the autumn holidays has to dig deep into their pockets. The prices are well above the level before Corona, as evaluations by the portals and Check24 show. The reasons are the increased demand, the aftermath of the Corona crisis and the lack of chips. has calculated surcharges of around 40 percent compared to 2019 for typical travelers for the October travel period. In Spain and Italy in particular, rental cars have become more expensive with surcharges of more than 80 percent. In Germany, the plus of a good 32 percent is smaller but still significant.

Slight differences outside of the holidays

Check24 reports even higher surcharges: Here the difference was calculated for calendar week 40, which has just ended, and is a whopping 78 percent compared to 2019. The comparison portal also sees particularly large differences in Spain and Italy with 151 and 131 percent surcharges, respectively. For Germany, it calculates a 93 percent increase in prices.

Check24 also compared the current situation with the prices four weeks ago, i.e. outside the autumn holidays. Here the increase is only five percent on average, in some countries such as Italy there are even declines. In Germany the increase is twelve percent.

Return to normal

Apparently it is less the autumn holidays than a generally high price level for rental cars that is leading to the increases compared to 2019. Even if the portals report that there is currently high demand.

Sixt boss Alexander Sixt points in this direction: “Regardless of the current autumn holiday season, people’s mobility behavior is again approaching the pre-crisis period,” he says. “The high demand continues to meet a shortage of available rental cars.” Therefore, one currently sees “occasionally an increased price level for rental cars”.

Fleet is growing again

On the one hand, Sixt sees the low supply of vehicles due to the chip crisis and reduced production capacities as the causes of the continuing shortage. On the other hand, the rental car fleets were reduced in size during the Corona crisis. However, Sixt has recently been buying heavily and expanding its fleet again. In the second quarter alone, 70,900 vehicles were added. (dpa / swi)

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