Spain will soon open its first electric car battery recycling plant and will be in León

In the Leonese municipality of Cubillos del Sil, the first floor from recycling for electric car batteries In the Iberic Peninsule. The project, carried out by Endesa and Urbaser, will have an investment of 13 million euros, as reported by the companies.

It will be operational in 2023

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Batteries that have reached the end of their useful life and are treated in these facilities will be adapted for reuse as long as they support this operation.

Batteries that cannot be reused will be discharged, disassembled and subjected to a separation process that allows recycle all materials, such as plastics, aluminum and copper.

As well as the fraction rich in strategic metals, of great value in Europe, such as cobalt and nickel, both essential for the manufacture of new batteries.

Although the plant will not be operational until 2023, the companies anticipate start logistics activity as soon as possibleTherefore, the collection, transport and storage of batteries will be carried out so that the plant can start up at full capacity.

Battery recycling will be key due to increased sales of electric vehiclesAlthough, currently, the commercialization of this type of motorization is still very small, but little by little it is growing.

But, in less than a decade, some researchers project that each year they will retire two million tons from lithium ion batteries of electric vehicles at the end of their useful life.

In Motorpasión | This map shows European plans to make batteries for electric cars, with Germany and Norway leading the way.

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