TF1 launches a replay offer half the price of Salto

TF1 is launching MyTF1 MAX, a new service which takes more or less the recipe from Salto, less content from M6 and France TV.

Almost a year after the launch of Salto, the offer SVOD supposed to compete with Netflix in France, TF1 is going it alone with its new platform. In a press release, the audiovisual group announces the upcoming arrival of MYTF1MAX, a paid service which will allow access to the replay of the programs broadcast on the air. This new formula, designed as an extension to the free platform, will make it possible to benefit from reruns without advertising interruption and in HD. The Boulogne-Billancourt group promises thousands of hours of viewing for 2.99 euros per month for the first year, then 3.99 euros per month. Concretely, like Salto, but without the productions of the groups M6 and France TV. As a reminder, the Salto subscription is offered from 6.99 euros.

The end of free replay?

Since the arrival of Salto in the audiovisual panorama, viewers have been wondering about the future of the replay platforms of the different groups. Yes France TV Pluzz, 6play and MyTF1 continue to make the series and programs broadcast on their respective channels available, the availability times have been drastically reduced. A strategy to encourage users to take out a paid subscription to Salto, which includes all these productions in its catalog. If the launch of this new offer at TF1 could mean that the firm wants to definitively bury the free replay, it wants to be reassuring. In the statement shared on October 11, it read:

“It complements the current service MYTF1, which will of course remain available free of charge and will continue to offer replay programs as well as live channels and the AVOD.

So you can see Where review the last episodes of Joséphine Ange Gardien in peace, and without having to pay a cent. However, if you want to redo the entire 21 seasons, it is on Salto that you will have to go.

Salto already stored in the closet?

As we said above, Salto was created with a desire to establish itself in the same niche as American platforms like Amazon, Disney+ and especially Netflix. The chains have understood it well, the more the number of users of these services increases, the more their audiences on the small window fall. The response therefore took the form of a paid service that combines reruns of French series, films and programs as well as the provision of new productions. jump had also achieved a masterstroke by offering himself the meeting of Friends, in preview. The CEO of Salto had announced that “several hundred thousand people were watching the episode” when it was posted on May 27.

For now, the new service of TF1 is only available to a handful of users. The official launch has not yet been announced, TF1 certainly wanting to take advantage of this closed beta to perfect its copy. It remains to be seen if MYTF1MAX will meet its audience or if, on the contrary, its launch will help to make the various offers of the French network even more obscure.

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