the Eternals on the way to becoming the new Avengers?

Will the new superhero team replace Steve Rogers and his gang in the hearts of fans?

The fourth phase of the MCU is officially launched on the small and big screen. This new chapter for the House of Ideas is synonymous with renewal, as it prepares to introduce a new team of superheroes. Exit the Avengers, the most powerful characters are now The Eternals. At least that’s what the new trailers shared by the House of Ideas suggests. Moreover, the film of Chloe Zhao does not hesitate to make some direct references to the team formerly led by Steve Rogers. “Eternal gathering!”

To promote this new cinematic adventure, Marvel does not skimp on trailers and clips. In just a few days, the firm unveiled no less than 4 videos and thus presented the members of this new team. For those who haven’t read all of the ideas house comics, The Eternals are beings with exceptional powers created by the Celestials. These cosmic entities roam space in order to carry out genetic experiments on the different peoples of the universe. The Eternals were born from one of his experiments and are on a mission to protect the blue planet and fight deviants.

A proper presentation

After having clarified a scenario point, sur l’absence The Eternals during the fight against Thanos, Marvel presents in more detail each of the protagonists who will invest our screens next November. All this happy band will be led by Ikaris, played by Richard Madden on screen. The actor, made famous thanks to the series Game of Thrones will give the reply to Angelina Jolie (Thena) and Gemma Chan (Sersi). He will also find an actor whom he rubbed shoulders with for several years on the HBO sets, namely Kit Harrington. The one who camped Jon Snow for more than eight years, will play here Black Knight, who has an ebony sword with magical properties.

The renewal behind the camera

It’s a nice take for Disney, who can claim to have hired one of the most promising directors. Criticism and Oscar winner Chloe Zhao with Nomadland, should rethink Marvel’s recipe a bit. Pointed out for the highly calibrated side of its productions, the Marvel Cinematic Universe should take on a new dimension in front of the filmmaker’s camera. At least that’s what Kevin Feige and the actors announce, through the various videos shared on YouTube. Salma Hayek is also full of praise for the film.

“These are not the usual places, these are not the usual shots, this is not the usual casting. It is really very exciting to be part of something that seems new ”.

From now on, we will have to wait for the November 3 to find out if Marvel’s new recipe will find its audience. If the success is at the rendezvous, there is no doubt that Disney will once again bring the characters together on the big screen. Are they on their way to becoming the new Avengers? Only time will tell. We can nevertheless imagine that they will have an important place in the continuation of the adventures of superheroes on the big screen.

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