The “Lug Nut Challenge” the new ultra dangerous challenge from TikTok

TikTok is known for its challenges, but some are very dangerous and should not be reproduced.

The TikTok application is now known to everyone. After a fanfare start, the ownership of ByteDance is slowly making a place for itself among the behemoths of social networks that are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With over a billion users, the application is full of content, more or less interesting, entertaining, or even dangerous. This is particularly the case of several challenges which often endanger the health of the person performing the challenge.

For example, the Tide Pod Challenge which caused a sensation a few months ago, was simply to put a scoop of detergent in his mouth for as long as possible. You don’t have to be a skilled physician to know that this is a terrible idea, and that the health consequences are dire; especially for children and adolescents, often at the origin of this kind of challenge of all kinds.

An extremely dangerous challenge

This time, and perhaps even worse, the challenge is not on yourself. The “Lug Nut Challenge” therefore consists of unbolting the wheels of a car chosen at random before filming the rest, endangering the driver who then takes the wheel of a vehicle bomb. Obviously unbolting a car wheel is totally illegal and performing such a challenge can be severely punished by law.

Apart from the material risks which are obvious (the wheel could break, damage the entire transmission, parallelism, etc.), these challenges can even have human consequences. A properly loosened car bolt will cause the wheel to fall off in just a few meters, so the car will not have time to pick up speed, which will not endanger the life or death of the driver.

But if the bolts are only unscrewed halfway, then the wheel will not immediately leave its axis, which could give the driver time to reach a certain speed before the wheel gives way, and the inevitable accident, does not take place. Faced with the danger of this challenge, which continues to proliferate despite warnings from users, they have decided to react. Videos are popping up where creators ask their audience to check the wheels of their car before getting behind the wheel, especially when it is parked in a public car park, accessible to all, such as those in shopping malls or downtown.

Reporting, the only solution to these challenges

If this new challenge does not seem very present in France yet, we can only advise you to report videos of this style if you see any on the application. TikTok like all social networks is invaded by this kind of challenge. But where Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are very severe, censoring these videos fairly quickly, the Chinese application seems to take longer to react which allows them to make thousands of views before disappearing.

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