the new Superman comes out

Jon Kent will meet love in the next issue of Son of Kal El. Clark Kent’s son is coming out.

Formerly the virilist incarnation of the superhero, Superman takes on new colors in comics. The character, among the most famous, will become bisexual under the pen of screenwriter Tom Taylor. The next issue, from the DC Pride collection, will focus on the emerging love between Jon Kent (son of Clark and Lois) and Jay Nakamura. The latter is a journalist who crosses the road of the Man of Steel after having found him mentally and physically exhausted following yet another rescue. Quickly, the two men will befriend until they finally fall in love. In a statement, he explains:

“I have always said that everyone needs heroes and that everyone deserves to recognize themselves in these heroes and I am very grateful to Warner Bros and DC comics for sharing this idea. The Superman symbol has always stood for hope, truth, and justice. Today it represents something more. Today more people can see themselves in comic book’s Mightiest Superhero. ”

John Timms, who will be drawing is delighted with this shift made by the comic book house. “I am incredibly honored to work alongside Tom on Superman: Son of Kal-El, to show Jon Kent tackling his modern and complex life, while saving the world from its greatest threats, villains and perils”. It will be about exploring according to him the faults of the Man of Steel and his doubts, while he discovers that he too sometimes needs to be saved. DC Comics also recalled that the character was at the heart of the Superman & Lois series, broadcast on The CW in the United States.

LGBTQ + representation at the heart of DC Comics’ concerns

Last June, as the world celebrated pride, DC had unveiled its new anthology called DC Pride. The book had chosen to highlight a good part of the homosexual, bisexual and gender fluid characters of the universe. We could thus find Batwoman (Kate Jane), the duo Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn as well as the Green Lantern of Alan Scott.

On the small screen too, DC Comics no longer hesitates to highlight characters from diverse backgrounds. This is the case with the CW series Batwoman, which featured Bruce Wayne’s cousin. In the lead role, Ruby Rose played the first main heroine in an openly gay Arrowverse series. She will be replaced at the end of the first season by Javicia Leslie, who dons the Batwoman costume after Kate’s death.

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