The rivalry of the super-rich continues: Musk taunts Bezos with a silver medal

Elon Musk hat Jeff Bezos rubbed under his nose that he thinks he is more successful. After Amazon founder Bezos praised his own career on Twitter, the Tesla boss countered without comment with the picture of a silver medal. Musk is currently the clear number 1 in the Bloomberg Billionrs ranking with $ 222 billion. Bezos follows with 191 billion. Both of them have assets based on the value of their stock holdings.

The two billionaires are rivals not only in the rankings of the rich, but above all in the space business. Bezos’ space company Blue Origin recently sued Musk’s company SpaceX against the award of the US government contract for a spacecraft to land on the moon. Musk (50) teased for that reason: “You can’t complain to the moon, no matter how good the lawyers are,” he said at a conference in September.

“Don’t let anyone tell you who you are”

Bezos (57) posted an article in the US business paper “Barron’s” from 1999 on Twitter on Sunday evening, in which Amazon and Bezos were predicted to fail quickly. “Don’t let anyone tell you who you are,” he resumed.

At the same time, the “Washington Post” reported on Monday that a “toxic” corporate culture at Blue Origin had slowed down the company’s progress and made competition with SpaceX more difficult. While that is not flattering for Bezos, the report testifies to the editorial independence of the newspaper: It has belonged to the Amazon founder since 2013. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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