The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 shines in gold

And it’s called Samsung W22 5G. The Chinese exclusive, premium version will not be missed this year either.


For a long time, the Samsung W series consisted of completely unique, premium-designed clamshells with high-end hardware, but two years ago the manufacturer threw in the traditional folding solution and offered the Fold series with unique material use and color variation called the Samsung W20. THE W2019 was the last unique model before last year Galaxy Fold received a new color variation W20 5G called, a larger memory allocation and a slightly different camera system, but last year it was already a one – in – one With Fold2dressed in gold from head to toe.

This year, there will be no stand-alone Galaxy W model, will remain a proven recipe, the With Fold3 get an exclusive edition, again combined with gold. This time the design looks more modest, only the hinge is coated with the precious metal, and the S Pen with a modest decorative stripe indicates that it belongs to the premium version. Anyway, we don’t expect anything extra, even if we don’t consider the expected $ 1,000 surcharge for a little gold painting.

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