the special Halloween episode is already available, how to watch it?

The craziest duo in the multiverse returns this week with a special Halloween short film. If it is not yet officially accessible in France, there is a simple method to view it.

Wubba Lubba dub Dub Dub ! Season 5 of Rick and Morty bowed out on September 5, but the most irresponsible of grandfathers is already making a comeback. While season 6 hinted at a cameo with Doc Brown, for Halloween, Adult Swim studios are giving us a new, unpublished short film, entitled La grande bataille de Yokai d’Akihabara. What to wait while waiting for the return of the next season.

Rick and Morty in Japan

About ten minutes long and dubbed in Japanese (English subtitles), The Great Battle of Yokai by Akihabara plunges us into a new adventure of Rick and his grandson Morty. After developing the ultimate toaster, the mad scientist realizes that the last missing piece of his project is a very special screw, made only in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, the cradle of Gundam culture. But to achieve their ends, the two heroes will have to face a number of obstacles, and come up against the fantasized vision of a Rick who has obviously not set foot in Japan for a long time. The opportunity to do a little sightseeing, but above all to meet the Yokai, these little demons of Japanese folklore.

Rick and Morty The Battle of Akihabara Halloween
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How to watch the special Halloween episode?

And La grande bataille de Yokai d’Akihabara has already been available online on YouTube for a few hours, geographical restrictions still prevent France from enjoying the show. Don’t panic, it is possible to override the Google ban using a simple VPN. If you don’t feel like going with a paid option, the free plugin Hello there does more than do the trick while watching the episode. While waiting for the latter to benefit from French subtitles, you will however have to be content with the language of Shakespeare. As a reminder, the first four seasons of Rick and morty are available on Netflix. For a double dose of alien and absurd sci-fi, series co-creator Justin Roiland is also the head of the excellent Solar Opposite on Disney+.

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