This man stacks up broken PS4s for a good cause

This man has not stacked forty broken PS4s for fun, he wants to send a message about the consumer society.

A few days ago, an American known by the nickname TronicsFix posted a video in which he tries to establish a unusual record. Indeed, he stacked a slew of broken PS4s into a human-scale Tower of Pisa. In total, he managed to stack 42 before it ends up falling.

While records all stranger than the last have emerged on the net for many years, the video of TronicsFix runs deeper than you might think. The Youtubeur is campaigning for the right to reparation, which is not yet properly supported by US law today, and everywhere else as well.

Smartphones, consoles and electronic objects: all concerned

Last June, a bill aimed at making the repair of electronic objects more affordable, both financially and in terms of accessibility, was presented to the Senate in order to counter the consumer society and disposable goods, which have remained for too long. ignored. However, little change has been implemented since this proposal, which suggests that the situation has started to stagnate.

That’s why TronicsFix, along with other content creators and the Repair Association, are fighting to make a difference as fast as possible. The goal is to be able to build strong legislation that would oblige manufacturers of electronic objects to put in place concrete solutions to make repairing their objects more accessible.

“You don’t own an item that you can’t repair” – The Repair Association

In addition, the association focuses on all types of objects and calls on all companies that are in electronics and who are ready to listen. Thus, several firms are already starting to play the repair game, such as Microsoft for example.

Retro gaming, a movement within a movement

In recent years, certain approaches have emerged, and we can note in particular the much more frequent appearance of the repairability index, especially for smartphones. Consoles, on the other hand, are much less worried about this, despite being a sizeable part of the electronics industry.

While the PS5 and Xbox Series have been released almost a year ago now, many gamers are moving away from their PS4 and Xbox One for newer, more capable models. But this is far from being the case for all players. Indeed, the general movement of retro gaming tends to preserve the oldest video game goods, which make whatever one says part of the world cultural heritage. This action also makes it possible to emphasize the longevity of certain consoles, which can be preserved for a long time provided they are taken care of.

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