Twitter now allows you to remove followers without having to block them

Twitter is already extending in the web version the new function that allows us to moderate our list of followers.

So far, we didn’t have too many options to prevent a user from following us without taking extreme measures. However, Twitter is adding a new option with its latest update.

New Twitter function to modify our list of followers

To have control over who can follow us on Twitter we have to make our account private, or block those users that we do not want to follow our tweets. And now a third option is added that does not require extreme action.

Twitter had already announced this feature last month, but now it is being extended to all users in its web version. As you can see in the image above, this new function allows you to remove the followers that appear on your list.

So you just have to go to your Profile Twitter, choose “Followers” and display the menu of the three dots. In addition to the options to mute, block and report, you will find “Delete”. When you select that option, Twitter will show you a message that says “[este contacto] it will be removed from your followers and you will not receive a notification from Twitter. You can follow him again in the future ”.

If you agree, confirm the action with “Delete”. Once you complete these steps, you will see a short message mentioning that that user “no longer follows you.” Although the user will not be informed that you have performed this action, and you will no longer see your tweets on his timeline, it does not mean that they will be banned from him.

Just by going to your profile you can see all your tweets. And of course, they will notice that you have removed them from your list of followers. Still, it is an interesting option to have control over who can follow us or not. We can not only apply this function to those who use Twitter for spam or harassment, but also to those accounts that have no longer had activity on the platform for a long time.

In this way, we can have a group of followers who are interested in the content we share or the interaction we generate on the platform.

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