Violet SmartSwitch now available: control Hue and Sonos on the wall

It’s been a while since I introduced you to the Violet SmartSwitch. There is now good news: The EU version is now also available directly from the manufacturer, and the first readers of my blog have already received their pre-orders in the past few weeks.

Before I get into the details, let’s briefly clarify the price issue. Including shipping and taxes, a Violet SmartSwitch costs just under 210 euros (to the shop). We don’t have to argue that this is not necessarily cheap. But there is also no comparable product.

You can already see a few impressions on my part in this article read, I have already tried the UK version. An EU variant, which also fits into the flush-mounted box in this country, will be on its way to me in the next few days – then another detailed review will follow.

“I’ve been using the switch for a week,” writes Hueblog reader Markus. “It’s expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion. The Sonos controls work perfectly, as does Hue. I’m more than happy with the switch. ”Lars also has feedback for us:“ Today the light switch came in the post from the Netherlands. Works pretty well, very quick service. The trial run via USB is nice. Otherwise, the range of functions for the above-mentioned equivalent of around 180 euros is quite poor, although nothing was promised that was not actually kept. The processing is great! “

I’m already excited to see how the Violet SmartSwitch will fare in my everyday life. In addition, the development of the software is far from over – it is very likely that the range of functions will be expanded in the future.

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