What’s new from Google for companies and organizations to work safely

Among the novelties presented today by Google at its Cloud Next ’21 event is Work Safer, its new program with which it tries to help small and large companies, as well as public bodies, protect against network threats by using enterprise-grade tools in the Google cloud, as well as equipping them with hardware-level resources for their daily activities, with a clear focus on the growing hybrid work model.

At the level of cloud-based tools, they will be able to have access to the suite of applications of Google Workspace of enterprise level even if they opt for the “BeyondCorp Enterprise” option, have “secure access to resources with built-in threat and data protection” alongside enterprise-grade reCAPTCHA to protect their respective corporate websites from abusive activity.

As far as hardware is concerned, Google contemplates that through the different plans, companies and organizations have a 50% discounts on the purchase of Titan security keys, in addition to offering five HP Chromebook Enterprise free of charge, “as available”, in addition to also obtaining a 50% discount on access to the business version of Chrome.

And if that weren’t enough, there is also possibility that they can purchase Pixel phones, also bringing a trial period before companies and organizations come to make a larger purchase.

Looking to the future, Google is also considering the integration of Chronicle’s security analysis into its offerings., where there will also be room for tools that allow organizations and companies to make a “smooth” transition to Google Workspace.

Interested parties can register through this link that Google has made available to you. From Google they will offer this new program both through Google Cloud directly as well as through different partners.

There is no doubt that in the face of the push of cloud-based services, the permanent threats existing on the web and the rise of the hybrid work model, Google has taken the opportunity to offer a complete offer so that companies and organizations have everything necessary to carry your productivity safely in the face of a scenario that will increasingly increase as a cultural change in the workplace induced by the pandemic, opening up many other opportunities that until recently were not so possible.

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