WhatsApp will add additional controls to define the size of the backups

Whether or not it is true that Google could be preparing to stop offering unlimited storage for WhatsApp backups on Google Drive, according to some rumors, and also waiting for the popular messaging platform to finally add encryption for them. , WhatsApp itself is preparing to offer greater controls to users that allow them to decide the size they want to have to carry out their backups.

In this sense, the only possible way so far for WhatsApp backups to take up less is by avoiding the inclusion of videos in them.

According to what was found in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android by publication WABetaInfo the thing is later there will also be the possibility of indicating other types of media that you do not want to include in the backup copies, so users can more precisely choose what they want to back up.

In this way, always keeping the database of the talks / conversations, as well as the configuration files, Users will be able to choose whether or not to do without photos, audio, videos, documents, and other types of media in their copies of security.

According to WABetaInfo, These new controls are currently in the development phase awaiting their application to all users through a future update., so at the moment it is unknown when the new controls will arrive that allow users to clearly define what they want for their backups.

In this way, WhatsApp would anticipate the possibility that users could be limited in storage capacity in Google Drive to save backup copies of their conversations on WhatsApp.

What is not understood at this point is that if carried out, the popular messaging platform will not work to include more options so that users can choose between other cloud storage services.

Anyway, you just have to wait for events to unfold.

More information: WABetaInfo

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