WhatsApp will let you pause a voice memo while you record it

WhatsApp wants to improve the dynamics of the voice memo with a new function that will change the way audio is recorded. A function that will make it easy to record them at any time.

This new dynamic adds to the multiple options that WhatsApp is developing to improve the interface and functionality of voice notes.

WhatsApp will allow you to pause your voice notes and continue recording

WhatsApp continues to test new features for voice memos. We have already seen that it is working on a new function that will allow us to listen to voice notes even when we leave the chat, pass the audios to text, listen to the audios before sending them, among other tests and news.

And now we know a new dynamic that will soon come to the WhatsApp app and that will change the way we record voice notes. So far, WhatsApp allows us to record a voice note in one go. That is, you cannot pause or leave the audio to finish it at another time. You record it in one go and send it.

This dynamic could change, as mentioned WaBetaInfo. WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to pause the recording. So if you will no longer be obliged to record and send it at once, or discard it because you have to attend to another matter and you cannot finish the recording.

So you can record an audio in parts, pausing while you take care of another matter. And when you finish the recording, you can send it. This new feature will be integrated into the new WhatsApp voice memo recorder, which is being tested in the beta version.

In addition to showing the options to listen to it before sending it, deleting it and finally sending it, a new icon is added so that you can continue recording your audio. So while you are recording the audio, you can pause it and resume the voice memo at any time by pressing the microphone icon to continue recording.

While this feature is still in development, it won’t take long to see how this dynamic works in the WhatsApp app on iOS and Android.

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